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Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers

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  • The Masterplug 7 Day Electronic Timer is a useful and versatile item that connects and disconnects a single socket based on your programming. 10 different on/off programs, with daily, weekly or combination options. Ideal for home security. Single socket. 10 amp. 2400 watts max. Triple pack. LCD display, reset, summer/winter changeover. Programming information retained in the event of a power cut. Up to 10 on and off periods per day.
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As you’re probably aware by now, there’s a huge range of products available and prices vary hugely depending on the brand and product you go for.

Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers offer price stats.

  • Average price in Timers category: £10.99
  • Average price of Masterplug products: £16.52
  • Average price of Masterplug products from the Timers category: £10.99
  • Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers is on available at lower than RRP, at £14.99

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Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers Deals

There’s 116 Masterplug products, 3 Masterplug Timers and 3 Timers available from argos.co.uk.

Watching a few YouTube videos is a top piece of advice that we can offer you for helping to decide if Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers is right for you or not. To make things simple we’ve sourced a couple of decent videos and placed them below for you to have a look at. If it’s photos you’re after then you can see more pictures at Google.

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